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Due to the current situation, FaceKom offers a solution which allows financial services firms and utility providers to take physical branch administration fully digital in 7 days. It is a video-based call centre, including Digital On-Boarding, eKYC, digital signature and e-claim adjustment. Our solutions meets all minimum enterprise requirements. It complies with AML, GDPR and eIDAS.

Partners who trusts us:

  • BNP Paribas
  • EON
  • T-Systems
  • Generali
  • Raiffeisen
  • Sberbank
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Enterprise Software with Client Identification, Digital Signature & Call Center Functionality

Complies with AML, GDPR and eIDAS • Loans and insurance under 15 minutes

eSign - secure digital signature

No need to use an external Trusted Provider. Do it all on your own servers.


FaceKom ID - Know your customer

Fully complies with all legal requirements and the user doesn’t need to install anything.


No handwriting, simple as clicking a button

  • Digital signature infrastructure for contracting
  • Enhanced security digital signature
  • Does not require any external service by Trusted Provider
  • Contract signing with a click of a button
  • Included in FaceKom Software Bundle

FaceKom ID

Mobile, Multiplatform & Secure

  • Customer identification online, via video
  • Real-time video and voice communication and recording
  • Fully AML, GDPR and eIDAS compliant
  • No installation required, works in most modern browsers
  • Included in FaceKom Software Bundle

FaceKom Software Bundle

The most complete, on-premise client authorization solution

The FaceKom Software Bundle is an on-premise solution. We install the software onto the bank’s own systems, so all of your data remains in-house. We will be able to access the system only in case of a possible troubleshooting after integration.

The software is based on our self-developed closed-circuit video system, which uses its own media server and processes. We do not use external software.

The software offers full call-center functionality; multi-level privilege management, management/distribution of incoming and outgoing calls, replay, opening hours setup, workflow management, etc.

The FaceKom Software Package is fully AML, GDPR and eIDAS compliant.

Some of our clients:

KBC Cofidis Takarékank BudapestBank MKB
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Some of the benefits of the FaceKom Software Bundle

Getting new clients is significantly easier

Since there’s no need to appear in person, acquiring new customers becomes easier for you and more convenient for the client

Faster and more efficient customer care

Working remotely and without paper means improved customer care efficiency and improved client experience

Reach a broader range of clients

The service is automated and completely digital, so it can handle more clients than the classic method

Reduce operating costs significantly

Costs related to physical contract signing (human resources, tools etc) are significantly reduced
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Main Features

Here’s just a few of our great features

Managing incoming / outgoing video calls

FaceKom software distributes incoming calls to the operators for managing each of the calls.

Call Center functions

The Call Center features provide distributing video calls in a predefined way, recording them and managing feedbacks.

Types of Users

Different processes, tasks can be transparent, supervised and managed effectively by different types of users with different rights (administrator, supervisor, operator).

Presentation Mode

Presentation enables operators to present the company’s products and services that they want to sell to the clients.

Screen sharing

Screen Sharing allows clients to share their screen with the operator. This feature makes us feel like the operator sits next to the clients and help them.

PSD2 ready

We can provide more information about a client's financial history, thus banks can give the best offers in terms of personal loans or new bank accounts.

File Sharing

Both parties can share their documents by our file sharing feature before and during the videochat. All of the uploaded documents can be managed by the operator. If it is necessary, the operator has the chance to ask documents to be reuploaded.

Digital Signature

After identification the client has the possibility to sign documents digitally by using FaceKom Application which makes the whole procedure convenient, fast and more effective.


Video calls can be managed by setting up your own workflow. This feature makes it possible to control processes, add comments and give tasks to the operators.

Text Chat

Text messages help the operators and the clients to communicate effectively. Text chat is available during the videochat and on the main page as well.


After contacting text chat embedded in the website, the built-in chatbot helps to navigate clients and find important information without having to wait for the operator.

Landline Calls

FaceKom software can manage incoming and outgoing video and mobile phone calls as well.

OCR Identification

After gathering information and personal documents from the clients, an OCR software integrated into FaceKom extracts the necessary information from the clients’ personal documents to compare them with the details provided by the clients in advance.

Managing Opening Hours

This feature makes it possible to manage opening and closing hours of our virtual customer service.

Callback Request

Clients can ask for a callback by giving their contact details.

Supervised Recording

During all virtual administration events, actions, video image, sound and logs are all recorded. Timeflags are used for saved sessions.

Form Filler

Personal details can be asked from the clients by using the Form filler feature, before entering the surface of the virtual customer service. Documents can be uploaded by the clients and these can be checked by the operators during the videochat.

LDAP Authentication

FaceKom software can be connected to existing active directories where you can set-up user and group management and control accesses and rights.

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So, you need the best KYC service, right now? We’ve got you covered.

Walidate, powered by FaceKom can identify a customer in under 5 minutes and uses live, trained operators. IDs are reusable and fully GDPR, AML and KYC compliant.

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