Facekom GOV

Facekom offers complete video infrastructure
to Government Institutions

Manage your entire video communication and e-citizen identification
with Facekom’s end-to-end government solution

Facekom GOV
Facekom Nisz

Tailor-made for the government sector

We designed our solutions and services based on real-world needs and challenges faced by government institutions on a daily basis.

After 3 years of working with the highest security standards, we have a deep understanding of the requirements of both government and public sector institutions and we are committed to delivering easy-to-use, smart and flexible solutions to our partners.

FaceKom cost-effective

Cost-effective and time-saving

Costs related to physical processes such as human resources, paper and relevant tools are significantly reduced and it takes much quicker time.

FaceKom cost-effective

Complies with Regulations

FaceKom is AML, KYC and eIDAS compliant. It is GDPR and PSD2 ready and we are currently non-qualified trust service provider. The company will receive the ISO 27001 certification soon after a thorough systems audit.

FaceKom cost-effective

Better Citizen Interaction

Working remotely and without paper means improved citizen care efficiency and improved citizen experience.

Empowering Online Possibilities

  • Remote citizen identification
  • Video communication
  • Citizen’s account opening

Online citizen onboarding deals with highly sensitive personal information, so we make sure it is handled in the right way.

Citizen due diligence with FaceKom’s operator-guided video call or automated Computer Vision is a secure, fast and convenient process, enabling immediate access to the Government services.

Your citizens enter their details on your website or app. This is followed by video identification with FaceKom’s eID. Upon completion of a positive ID check, the government employee is able to take care of any process online.

Compliance & Customization

Our technology is fully AML, KYC and eIDAS compliant. It is GDPR and PSD2 ready. We’re a non-qualified trust service provider in our native Hungary and constantly work with regulatory bodies to maintain the highest possible standards. FaceKom will receive the ISO 27001 certification soon after a thorough systems audit.

All of our products are white-label, so they can be easily customized to fit your company’s needs.

They’re browser-based and don’t require any kind of app- or 3rd-party plugin installation from your customers.

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