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FaceKom Decision Map

Discover Our Decision Map

Our Decision Map document contains all questions and respective answers that can be used to create a precisely customised, successfully performing digital channel.

FaceKom Understand Your Customers

Understand Your Customers

What is the user journey that makes the most sense to your customers and what is the best script for your operators? After 3 years of working with the biggest banks in Europe, we have the answers to the hard quesions.

FaceKom Create The Right Products

Create The Right Products

A well-thought out digital channel is one thing - having the right product or service that actually takes advantage of that channel is another. We can help you re-think your products based on real data gathered over the years.

FaceKom Work With Trained Operators

Work With Trained Operators

Manage your seasonal and cyclical workload changes, reduce queues and costs related to in-person assistance with FaceKom’s trained operators.

FaceKom Reorganization Advice

Get Reorganization Advice

Sometimes reorganization and shifting priorities are necessary parts of changing the way your customers interact with your company. We can help you manage this evolution.

FaceKom Based On Real Data

Based On Real Data

Over the years, we have identified over 600,000 clients who signed over 80,000 contracts using our solutions, bringing clear, measurable benefits to companies and clients alike across different industries and market segments.

We create processes that empower your customers

FaceKom is a service-ready platform proven in the financial world, combining state-of-the-art tech to create secure, customizable products that change the way your clients interact with you, from onboarding to signing digital contracts remotely.

But we think that great software is only the foundation on which to build upon if you truly want to take your company to the next level. This holistic approach is what makes FaceKom more than just a software company.

FaceKom Decision Map

Our service is based around the FaceKom Advisory Decision Map that contains all questions and their respective answers that can be used for the creation of a precisely customised, successfully performing digital channel. It is the first boxed product that can be utilised in decision making and project preparations. It is based on real experiences acquired while working with numerous companies within the banking sector.

The implementation of our Advisory services and our technology can enable the completion of a fully integrated client acquisition strategy within one week’s time.

What FaceKom Advisory Can Help You With

For us, client identification is more than just great software; It’s a complex set of challenges, and questions that need answers. We have those answers and we’re excited to share them with you.
  • Advice On Legalities And Compliance
  • Creating Marketing Strategy
  • Detecting Fraud
  • Training Operators
  • Designing User Journeys
  • Digital Product Development

Regulatory Requirements

FaceKom products are compliant with eIDAS, PSD2 and GDPR legislations and the highest security standards and data management regulations. FaceKom also has access to national and international databases (e.g. Thompson Reuters) to ensure high-quality background checks and high-level AML checks on customers.

Regulatory Requirements

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