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Digital Government Package

Your Digital Nation

A community empowered by simplified client service. A complete and integrated product package.

The FaceKom Digital Government Package is an easy-to-use online client service system. Eliminate queues and reduce staff workload while increasing the number of servicable case types.

Explore some of our use cases to see how FaceKom can take your client service solutions to the next level and create a completely digital, integrated experience.

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Utility Providers

Transfering Electricity Meter
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Transfering Electricity Meter

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Getting A Loan

Using a validated digital ID created at a Utility Provider, the client can easily log in to his bank's secure area, and from there, with the help of a live operator and FaceKom's eSign technology, he can easily get a loan in 15-30 minutes.


Life Insurance

Ease of use in the financial sector doesn't stop with banking. Getting an amazing life insurance contract signed online, using FaceKom's patented technologies is a painless and quick procedure. Users can take of their future from the comfort of their homes.


Applying for Classes

Imagine enrolling in a university class, using a validated ID you got at your local Electricity Service Provider. This is now possible, with FaceKom's integrated technologies.

Tax Agencies

Paying Taxes

It's that time of the year again... Time to pay taxes. Understandably, citizens want to make this time-consuming and complicated process easier. You can log in using your validated digital ID, get the necessary documents filled and sent them right in to your Local Tax Agency.


Accessing Diagnostic History
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Accessing Diagnostic History

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Government Documents

New Driver's License

For a new driver's licence, the client needs to have his picture taken at an authorized office, so he will need to get there in-person. But his validated ID, created with FaceKom technology can help speed up the process significantly. The person who is in charge of creating new licences can get all the necessary personal information in a matter of seconds.

Post Offices

Official Letters

Getting your letters and packages is now easier than ever. Your validated digital ID you got when you managed an issue with your electricity provider can also help you pick up your important deliveries from the post office.

Stop Login fragmentation with FaceKom

The Digital Government Package can be extended to the public sector.

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Explore Some of the Possibilities


Upgrading Plans

FaceKom's Digital Nation package can be used in the public sector. So if you need to upgrade your mobile internet plan to get a better deal, your validated ID can save you time by letting you skip identity verification steps.

Online Gambling

Proof of Age

Whether it's the Football World Cup or NFL playoffs, using online gambling sites means you have to prove you're of legal age. Since FaceKom validated IDs can potentially be used in the public sector, this step can be done in just a few seconds and you can start betting right away.

Broadcast Media

Changing Contracts

When you decide that you really need that extra 49 channels, you want them as soon as possible. Just use your previously created FaceKom ID and sign your new contract in no time without ever leaving home.

Logistics & Transportation

Packing Order

Handling international shipments is full of paperwork that you need to sign. What if all this signing could be done with the click of a button? That is exactly what FaceKom provides with it's patented eSign technology.

... and many more.

FaceKom Digital Government Package

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